Sigh.... 70's in New York City in mid-March

What one would expect is  an image of people shedding scarves, hats, coats and gloves and opting for the next step down. You know, like a pair of jeans, long sleeve tee, maybe even a hoodie (safer here than Florida) or sweater. But nothing says  ready for summer when you see people in cargo shorts, ugh, tank top tees, sprayed on leggings and flip flops to jettison you towards a premature summer.
It's as if we just skip an season, and just dive into summer. 

We in NYC this year dodged a major bullet this winter by not really having one. Only one major snowstorm, on that was on the eve of Halloween (not really winter yet). Daffodils were in full bloom in Bryant Park in early March, only a week after clearing the ice rink!

Farmers upstate are worried about the effects of this weather on crops this summer, and meteorologist are threatening us with a very hot dry summer. 

As lovely as it is, I guarantee, before long people will be complaining about how hot, sunny, dry, etc. it is. Why you ask do people do this? Well, you may not have asked but, here is my spin anyway.

We are inherently complainers kwetschers in NYC, if you're from NYC you'll know what that means; if not ask your Jewish friends. (You aren't in 'the know' unless you know some Yittish here). If it's sunny, we want rain, if it's cold, we want warmth so on and so on. Insert your cliche here... I for one, having Cuban blood pulsing through my veins will not be one of the warm weather grippers. Winter in my book can't end soon enough and snow flakes send me to use some of my more choice swear words.

I live to wear my sandals, but you'll not catch me wearing crocks nor am I a cut offs kind of gal. I am a true supporter of the saying, "Just because you can, does not mean you should." Wink wink, you know who you are... When did we as a population just give up on a standard??

Call me old fashioned, or just plain a girl with fashion sense; but I hate the just walked out of your basement laundry room look people fashion the moment the weather goes above 60 degrees. Guys, keep the sweat shorts in the gym, trust me, we women don't want to see your junk. Ladies wearing  a skirt or shorts so minuscule that your feminine hygiene products show, is just gross. 

Have some common sense. If you stop by the mirror on your way out of your house and ask yourself "Can I get away with this in public?" Chances are you can't. Spare us please..

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